Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Web Directory Submission Rules

Web Directory

A web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other websites and categorizing those links. All sites that are indexed are submitted manually. You need to submit your web site under a relevant category, after which an editor will review your site and then accept or reject your site according to its content.

Directory Submission Rules

The rules for directories submission are completely different from the search engines. Web Directory submission is a too much time consuming job to achieve target result. Every directory will have their own rules and regulations, and hence web pages must also be organized around such constraints. Regarding descriptions, most directories require it to be short – in the range of 100 – 250 words that may vary from one directory to another. It is clear from the foregoing that directory submission could contribute immensely to link building. But, how to get your website acceptable to directories? In order to get better acceptance in directory submissions we should following common rules,

· Make sure you read the Terms of Service (TOS) and understand

· They never accept mirror sites

· Repetitive site content will not accepted

· Don't accept sites that redirects on other link

· Under construction site will not accepted

· Affiliate/referral links generally not accepted

· Don't use promotional language

· Choose a local or a regional directory if possible

· Don't write your title with all words in CAPITAL

· Submit your site in appropriate categories

· Research on each directory and sub category

· Ensure directory uses static links instead of java script

· Before submitting check the PR of the directory and it's category page

Web Directories Types

Directories have various types of listings:

  • Free Submission - there is no charge for review of the site
  • Reciprocal Link - the site submitted must link back to the directory in order to be listed
  • Paid Submissions - a fee is charged for reviewing the submitted link
  • Niche Directory - Topical Directories that offer quality link.
  • No Follow - there is a rel="nofollow" attribute associated with the link, meaning search engines will not follow the link.
  • Featured Link - the link is given a premium position in the category where it is submitted
  • Featured Homepage Link - the link may be listed on the homepage of the directory.